You will need to pick a current event about U.S.


You will need to pick a current event about U.S. politics from news outlets to write about. Choose a news articles about your current event (dated January 1, 2020 or later) from a newspaper, magazine, or other reputable news outlet. Include the links to the article and turn it in with your post. You must note on there where the article is from and date of publication, for example, “From New York Times, published May 23, 2017 by author name”

  1. Explain why you selected the event and why you think it is important to share with your classmates?
  2. How does the event relate to our study of American government, which specific chapters are related your selected event, how? 
  3. How do you characterise the author’s coverage of the event: refer to examples/theories/concepts from the chapter on media and politics to support your argument.

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