Who is Ernesto Fernandez? What is happening to him in the present

Student paper is presented in MLA format with heading and double spacing. A clear interpretation is communicated that demonstrates careful reading of the story, application of a thesis idea – per question, and corroboration of that thesis in the form of quotes, paraphrases, and examples from the story. The response shows a good to excellent command of the English language with careful attention to punctuation and spelling, but most importantly contains at least a paragraph (5-6 sentences) FOR EACH RESPONSE where required, with a unity of purpose. Additional paragraphs that support the student’s response idea are often necessary. To earn the maximum number of points, it is better to write more, not less, since very short responses – which may very well be correct – give the impression that the student had not much to say or much interest in the story’s details. This is the article: “Without Inspection” by Edwidge Danticat These are the questions:

1.) Who is Darline? What is her sadness? 2.) Who is Paris? Why is he challenged in school?

3.) Who is Ernesto Fernandez? What is happening to him in the present moment while the entire story is told? 4.) Why is the story called “Without Inspection”? 5.) Where was Ernesto working when he fell? Is there irony and metaphor in the act of falling? How? 6.) What is the significance of Darline’s song? 7.) What does the paper airplane symbolize? The paper boat?

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