What community would you like to build bridges with?

Want To Build Bridges With… Your assignment is to explain why you have chosen a given community to get to know by answering the following questions in a 1-2 page, double-spaced essay format: 1)What community would you like to build bridges with? 2)What has your exposure to this group been to date? 3)Why do you want to build bridges with this community? Include in your “why” a.things that make you uncomfortable b.things that you find particularly interesting/things you like c.things that you would like to understand better about the community 4)What are your fears about getting to know this community? 5)In what ways are you currently aware that this community is marginalized or oppressed? 6)In what ways have your family, friends, and your own community influenced your knowledge about this community (do you friends, family, and community have stereotypes about this community? Like what-what’s been said or implied about this community? 7)How do you think building bridges with this community will serve you professionally and personally? This essay is the first step of my project.  The second and third part of my project must be the same community too. 1.You will collect evidence of these representations and create an annotated portfolio with four (4) examples from different media sources—advertisements, magazine and newspaper articles, comic strips, books, TV commercials or programs, movies, song lyrics, websites, etc. All examples must be included in the media portfolio. Therefore, when you writing this paper it would be great if the community you chosen for my essay has great media source for me to find. Here is what my project ‘ information. Might help you to decide the community for my essay. There are three rules for the semester-long project: 1.You are not a part of this community (neither is a member of your family nor one of your best friends). The point is to step out of your comfort zone. 2.The community is oppressed and/or marginalized in our society. You must be able to explain how the community you want to get to know meets these criteria in detail. Provide examples of oppression and or marginalization that your chosen community faces. 3.You have questions about this community—some of which may even make you feel a bit uncomfortable—but you are not simply interested in the “coolness” factor of the community. For example, it would not be okay to choose to Build Bridges with the Native American community because you like their jewelry and you are curious about their spirituality. This is a sincere quest to understand better and build relationships with people who you perceive as very different from you and to grow in your respect and appreciation for them along the way. You may discover that everything you had assumed about a particular group was wrong! Examples of communities that students have built bridges with in past semesters: Race and Ethnicity (e.g., Chinese Americans, Mexican immigrants, African Americans, Puerto Ricans etc.). Social Class (e.g., Working class persons, persons who receive public assistance, etc.). Ability (e.g., Deaf, blind, mobility impaired). Sex and Gender (e.g., transgender—sometimes referred to as transsexual—people). Sexuality (e.g., gay, lesbian, bisexual, polyamorous). Religion and Belief Systems’ (e.g., Mormon, Wiccan, Jewish, Muslim, etc.). Age (e.g. older adults, elderly individuals).

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