Week 8 Discussion Please respond substantively to the following (1–3

Week 8 Discussion 

Please respond substantively to the following (1–3 paragraphs):

You’ve done your research for your spreadsheet. Nothing is more sensitive than the investment your company is about to make based on your recommendation to the PM. In a paragraph or more:

  • Describe the process you used to gather your data and how you used the spreadsheet to make comparisons between the various resources.
  • Talk about how you arrived at your ultimate recommendation(s) for the success of the project.
  • Explain the total expected capital outlay you are recommending and what the company is getting for this investment (operational function, not individual resources).

Please respond substantively to at least one other post (1–2 paragraphs each post). Choose to respond to those who have few or no responses, as well as interesting conversations you want to join. Remember to get in early in the week for your initial post and then come back a few other times during the week for the best experience.

In your response to your classmate, consider the following (choose one or more):

  • If your classmate was also on your project team, would you be supportive of their recommendation, or would you have a suggestion to make their recommendation even better? Be specific on the benefit to the company and why you think the recommendation would be successful or what you think might create even more return.
  • Find someone representing another discipline and consider how you might contribute to their team. How might you suggest to a classmate that they could incorporate some of your recommendations for their team?

I will submit the response at a later date.

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