Wake interference of two rigid oscillating cylinders with different

 An Inquiry – let me know if you can do that and for what price Wake interference of two rigid oscillating cylinders with different mass ratio in tandem Project Outline: Vortex induced vibration (VIV) is a phenomenon that is of concern in different engineering fields and has a significant impact on design of offshore structures, bridges and high rising towers. When a bluff body is subjected to a fluid flow, vortex formation in the wake of the structure changes the flow regime and as the vortices detach from the structure exert a sinusoidal force on it in both cross-flow and in-line directions. In many engineering setting an array of bluff bodies are placed in proximity and wake interference between them create a more complex system. This project is studying the effect of structural mass on the interaction between two rigid cylinders. Numerical simulation allows to investigate the change in drag, lift and motion response of each cylinder as a function of centre-to-centre distance and difference in mass between the two cylinders.

#Wake #interference #rigid #oscillating #cylinders

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