VVitten @ssignment Due Sunday by 11:59am Central How would you

 VVitten @ssignment 

Due Sunday by 11:59am Central 

How would you spend the national budget if you were president? Here’s your chance to find out how your ideas would affect the federal budget.

Go online to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget at the link below.


Scroll down the [email protected] and under Tools, click on Debt Fixer Interactive Tool. This is an exercise in making difficult decisions and how government officials make trade-offs when they prepare the federal budget.

Experiment with your own budget ideas at the site. What are the effects of your decision

Your @ssignment will be at least one [email protected] in length and contain a minimum of 3 [email protected] A [email protected] is a minimum of 5 s3ntences. Please cite work and follow BUSI Rubric attached in word doc.. 

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