Two-Variable Descriptive Statistics

Create using Excel or StatCrunch or both (or some other software) one example of each of the three types of combination of Quantitative and Qualitative variables. Examples are presented in the Two-Variable section of the Best Practice for Displaying Results with Descriptive Statistics document. Use them as examples but use DIFFERENT combinations of variables for your assignment. A. 2 Quantitative Variables (Example Height and Shoe Size) Create a scatterplot with a trendline and the R2 value and the trendline equation displayed on the chart is the best option. Be sure to include descriptive axes titles and a descriptive chart title. B.

2 Qualitative Variables (Example: Gender and Eye Color) Create a contingency table (aka two-way table) AND either a grouped bar graph or a mosaic plot as a graphical representation. C. 1 Quantitative Variable and 1 Qualitative (grouping) Variable (Example: Height and Gender) Divide the quantitative variable into (at least) two groups as determined by the qualitative or grouping variable. Then display the usual Summary Statistics for a Quantitative variable but for each group. ALSO, create boxplots for each group and display them all on the same set of axes. The Two-Variable section of the Best Practice for Displaying Results with Descriptive Statistics document will be very helpful. Best Practices for Displaying Results with Descriptive Statistics.pdf Copy and paste your tables and graphs into an MS Word Document. Label each of your tables and graphs like Table 1 or Figure 2 etc. as before. Save and upload your document.

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