Transitioning into the new role of a BSN prepared nurse

This assignment is aimed at transitioning into the new role of a BSN prepared nurse. You must have wanted to go back to school for some reason. Was it that you needed an advanced degree to stay in your current position or do you plan to go on to another advanced degree? The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education delineate the outcomes expected of graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs. Achievement of these outcomes will enable graduates to practice within complex healthcare systems and assume the roles of provider of care, manager of care, and as a member of the profession.

But, you already have a degree that enables you to practice and fulfill this role to an extent. Now that you are about to graduate with a degree higher than what you have already obtained, how will this affect your practice as a professional nurse? You are to write a formal paper and discuss the following: What opportunities are available to you now that you will have an advanced degree? How does this degree prepare for the future in your chosen role? Discuss how this role will increase patient outcomes and improve the quality of care that you provide How do you feel that your role will change within your healthcare environment? Will this degree make a difference in the way that you practice nursing? This should be a formal paper using APA format. The Purdue Owl is a great APA reference cite for you

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