Topic must be one within the field of human sexuality.

1. Remember to take a stand. This is an argument paper not just an essay. 2. Support your stance with evidence – this means things that support your opinion. It’s also very important to distinguish your opinion from fact. 3. Cite your sources. All claims need citations.

4. Anything cited in the paper must be listed on the reference page and anything listed on the reference page must be cited in the paper. 5. Reference page must be listed alphabetically. The argument paper should begin with a one- to three-sentence statement of the main thesis. A thesis is an argument concerning an issue. It clearly states the author’s perception. Your paper should present your beliefs or conclusions related to the topic. It should include references from the text or one outside reading assigned by your instructor or both. The paper may also include material from other sources (please see rubric for guidance on this). A Crash Course on Argument Papers Select an issue or dilemma of interest. Review the pertinent literature. Decide on your perception; take a stance. Articulate your perception in a thesis statement. Summarize the issues; demonstrate an understanding of the controversy. Defend/argue in favor of your perception using all resources available.

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