Theoretical analysis of Hell’s Angel or Bikin and Brotherhood

Your paper will be a theoretical analysis of Hell’s Angel or Bikin and Brotherhood utilizing 3 of the different perspectives you studied throughout the term. The paper should be between 7-10 pages. The formatting requirements will be posted on the course shell.

You should read Hell’s Angel or Bikin and Brotherhood as we progress through the term. Once you pick them up, you may experience the same problem I had with it, you can’t put it down. during Unit 7 and should include your theoretical perspectives of the book “Hell’s Angel”. The paper needs to be written in APA format. The typed paper needs to be 7-10 pages in length. A minimum of 9 references/citations are required. Components of the paper should include: introduction, thesis statement, perspectives, citations/references and conclusion. Correct spelling, proper formatting, and appropriate grammar are required. Points will be deducted per offense

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