The International Criminal Court is an unnecessary expense in tackling international crimes

Title: The International Criminal Court is an unnecessary expense in tackling international crimes.

Below I have sent you a Grade A Research Proposal. Please use same format incorporating all skills into the order. Use Journals, textbooks and case law. OSCOLA referencing with footnotes Put all bibliography in order of sources i.e. Journals, textbook, caselaw GRADE A EXAMPLE: WORKING TITLE Commercial Laws are not enforced effectively in the UK INTRODUCTION This research proposal explains the methodology of research to determine whether Commercial Laws are indeed not enforced effectively in the UK. It refers to the starting point being to break down and understand the title, the research strategy being to start with textbooks for general reading and constructing a skeleton to eventually do more focused research. It highlights that more focused research is legislation, cases, journal articles and websites which fall under a structured plan. Part of or the next step of research is to think of the essay structure before writing. This research proposal shall provide a brief structure of the essay under which most research done qualifies. It must be highlighted that even though the research is on the effectiveness of UK Commercial Law enforcement in general, 3 focuses have been chosen for the purpose of researching this essay title. The reasoning behind is explained below as part of a research strategy. RESEARCH STRATEGY Research can be ineffective and irrelevant without a thorough understanding of the working title. Thus, the starting point is analysing the title and segmenting research accordingly. For instance, the 4 key segments are ‘enforcement’ ‘effectiveness’ of ‘Commercial Laws’ in ‘UK’. Research must fall under ‘enforcement’ of laws and not ‘enactment’ for instance. There must be an analysis of the diverse enforcement bodies of ‘commercial laws’. Academic opinion, legislation and cases will be the sources to determine ‘effectiveness’. ‘Commercial Laws’ is quite vast. Therefore a strategic approach to have scope to demonstrate in-depth analysis is to start broadly on ‘commercial laws’ but to single out 3 focus and exploit them, hence the choice of ‘Competition law’, ‘Intellectual property law’ and ‘European Laws as an influential factor regarding effectiveness of UK commercial laws enforcement’ as major banners of the essay. The title creates a limitation to UK, therefore even when discussing EU laws, the focus shall remain the influence of the EU laws on effectiveness of UK law and not the EU laws themselves. While doing general reading, Merchant law and Marine law sounded as interesting topics with vast variety of materials but they were specifically not chosen as they are too vast. The idea was to choose small topics to allow scope to ‘exploit’ these in depth. A good starting point is to look up definitions as they are usually used to consolidate understanding and for writing the introduction.

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