The Historic Site Research Project

The Historic Site Research Project Choosing a Historic Site: The historic site can be a local site or a site anywhere around the world. You can visit the site during the semester of the course, or it can be a site you visited before the course, or a site you visit virtually. The site must be connected to the time period and material covered by the course. The site can be a city, town, building, or the location of a historic event. For a face to face class, the visit to the site should not be during class time. Visit the site and then write an essay of at least 600 words including the following points: 1. Link to a website about the site 2. A brief history of the site 3. Your experiences and thoughts at the site 4. How the site connects with the coursework Resources: Local Historic Sites • Charlotte Regional History Consortium: Charlotte Regional History Consortium This interactive website provides information about many local historic sites, as well as links to their websites. Make sure that you choose a site that connects with the coursework. Virtual Historic Sites • You can visit the website of a historic site and tour the site through the information presented at the website. • You can also take a virtual tour of a historic site. It is often helpful to search for “3D history (and the name of a city, place or event).” This can provide links to some interesting virtual tours of historic sites.

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