The Future of Health Care Fundamental shifts in innovation tend to


The Future of Health Care

Fundamental shifts in innovation tend to occur in seven-year cycles. And while it’s possible to foresee what could happen over the next one or two cycles, looking ahead to 2040 (three cycles from now) will likely reveal a completely different reality than what we can comprehend today. Watch the video to see what one company believes will emerge in the next 21 years that will dramatically reshape the health care industry.

Step 1:  Watch this video. (Links to an external site.)  copy link below

Step 2:  Read Chapter 1, Health and Health Care in America.  You should have already read this chapter!

Step 3:  Browse the Internet for web pages, journal articles, news stories, speeches, or videos that relate to the future of the health care industry.  Write a short summary of one of these, then share your opinion on the article and subject matter.  Your post should be at least 350 words and should be written in fully formed paragraphs.  Make sure to adhere to the rubric, which can be found at the end of this assignment.

Your article should focus on at least one of the following areas that are covered in Chapter 1:

Demographic data of the United States population and how it might affect the health care industry in the future.

The future of health care workers or health care employers: how might one or both of these change in the future?

Employer spending on health care: how might this change in the future?

The amount of money spent on health care by employers, employees, the unemployed, or disadvantaged U.S. citizens?  How might this change in the future?

The impact of health care on the U.S. economy.  Health care is both one of the largest and one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.  Will this change in the future?

The latest efforts to reform health care (health care policy).  This might include federal legislation such as the continued controversy regarding the Affordable Care Act.  Will the Affordable Care Act stand the test of time?  

Health care policy in the United States versus other countries.  Many countries provide excellent health care for their citizens at no cost (universal health).  Should the United States move to this type of system in the future?  If so, what are the benefits and drawbacks?

For full credit, you must thoughtfully comment on TWO classmates’ posts.  This means your comments should contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way.  Comments such as ” I agree with you” or “I really liked your article” won’t cut it.

Other important guidelines:  Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero and may be followed by actions listed in the student handbook.  Discussions are NOT text messages.  You should put as much effort into them as any other written assignment.  Correct spelling and grammar are expected.  Use the spell checker!  If you struggle with grammar, free grammar checkers can be found on the Internet.  


Title of the source listed at top of post: 1

Link to the source listed at the top of post: 4

Accurate summary of article: 20

Article and post directly relate to the content of Chapter 1: 5

Personal opinion given (and reasons for the opinion): 15

Grammar/spelling: 10

Thoughtful comments to two classmates: 10

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