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Movie Review Guidelines- The Downfall

Specific Requirements:


            1. The review must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, default margins, STAPLED, and will be 3 pages in length. The paper is due in class on March 28th. I do not accept late work.


            2. Please make a title page that includes your name and the topic your review is on.


The review is to be divided into 3 parts. Please follow this format EXACTLY:

Label Section: Theme

1) To start this section, simply state the theme, in one word, that this movie exemplifies to you. After that, give rationale, evidence, and historical argument to back up your choice. It is highly likely that there is MORE than one theme in your movie, so just choose one and go for it! Approx. 1 page. Provide Time Stamps.

Label Section: Faith Integration

2) Faith Integration part. Please relate some part of the film to the Christian faith. This section is for you to pursue your artistic freedom. No matter what film you watch, I assure you there is some instance or analogy of faith, or lack thereof.  You are not simply looking for someone praying or going to church in this section, but something much deeper than that. Approx. 1 page. Provide Time Stamps.

Label Section: Favorite Part

3) Provide your favorite part of the movie. In this section, please write a brief section on the part of the movie that you found to be the most intriguing. Again, the more excited you are about this the better you will do. Demonstrate to me that you watched the movie and maybe even enjoyed it….or at least were deeply disturbed by the film. Approx. 1 page. Provide Time Stamps.

Extra Credit for the inquisitive minds: Whose photo does Hitler have on the wall of his personal room inside his bunker? Why is this important? (You can use outside sources for this).


MOSTLY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: You must use at least three different parts (and hopefully more!) of the movie for these sections. Do not use the same examples in all three sections. By using different parts of the movie, you will demonstrate to me that you watched the entire movie. If your theme, faith integration, and favorite part are all the same part of the movie, minimal credit will be awarded.

VERY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Put the time stamp from the movie in all sections and in your answers and always explain any answer that you give. All answers MUST come from the movie itself. No outside sources are wanted, nor needed for this particular project. To “cite” your answer, please use the time code from the movie’s time bar. Be sure to do this EVERY TIME you use a piece of evidence to answer a question or when you refer to the movie. The more pieces of evidence you use to back up your statements, the better you will do. The more pieces of flair, the better off you will be! (54:30-56:50) DO NOT PUT TIME STAMPS IN THE MIDDLE OF SENTENCES OR WRITE “AT FIFTEEN MINUTES WE SEE THIS………..I WILL BE FURIOUS!” PLEASE BE SURE TO BOLD YOUR TIME STAMPS!!!

DO NOT put HUGE spaces between each section or go to the next page to try and “stretch” your paper. I can conduct a simple word count to see how long your paper is. Although there is a suggestion for the length, content is the most important factor. After you finish a section simply hit ENTER” and start the next section. Be sure to PROOFREAD your paper and submit a paper free of grammatical errors and misspelled words.











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