The 2018 US-China trade war has brought great uncertainty to the world

The 2018 US-China trade war has brought great uncertainty to the world economy. The two countries are engaging in trade talks in January 2019. Suppose that you are asked to write a report to summarize the situation and make recommendations. You can pick the perspective of the Chinese government, the US government, or a neutral third-country organization. Please consider the following: • How did the two countries come into this situation?

• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the two countries in the current trade talks? • What would happen if the trade war continues to explode? • What should be done?


Each paper must cite a minimum of three journal articles or economic monographs. These may be obtained from the Library or the Internet. Textbooks, government publications, newspaper and magazine articles will not count towards the thee-article requirement, but may be used and cited. Material obtained from the Internet, other than journal articles, may be used and cited, but will not count towards the requirement of citing three journal articles or monographs. Articles used in your paper must be referred to in the text and included in your list of references. The paper is due in class on the last day of class. Email the electronic copy to email with the title “Econ 421B2 Winter 2019 –Your Name”. Late submissions within three days will be discounted by 15% per day. No submission will be accepted three days after the last class.

Papers will be evaluated based on writing and presentation as well as on content. Students are required to practice proper paraphrasing and citation, and to be aware of what is considered plagiarism. References on these subjects can be found on the University Library website at Students must be aware of the provisions of the Code of Student behavior (online at Additional resources are available to students who desire help to improve their writing. The Centre for Writers ( offers free tutoring to undergraduate and graduate students regarding writing assignments. The University Library website offers information on conducting research and writing; information on searching for articles in economic journals can be found at

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