Tesla Aims for the Mass Market (Chapter 8) Critical Thinking

Tesla Aims for the Mass Market (Chapter 8)

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. What PESTEL factors supported Tesla’s success? Which factors posed challenges?
  2. How has Tesla’s strategic position changed since it was founded in 2003?
  3. What kind of responses would you expect from Tesla’s rivals in the automobile manufacturing industry to the Model 3’s popularity?

Sources: Tesla company website: https://www.tesla.com/ and investor relations site: http://ir.tesla.com/; Edmunds, “Top 10 Best Selling Cars in 2003.” https://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/top-10/top-10-best-selling-vehicles-in-2003.html (updated May 12, 2009); Bill Vlasic, “In Pivotal Moment, Tesla Unveils its First Mass Market Sedan.” New York Times, July 29, 2017, https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/29/business/tesla-model-3-elon-musk.html?ref=business.

Please note the following important standards:

  • Proofread your paper carefully; always use proper grammar and spelling.
  • If a specific question is looking for a qualitative answer, limit your answer to five sentences or less.  Quality over quantity, please!
  • Please place your name, date, and assignment name (Module 4 Assignment) in the heading.  Your assignment must be in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman size 12 font.
  • Any outside sources must be cited properly.  Please use APA formatting.

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