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 It should be done by MLA Format Here is all the requirments: Times new roman (12) Doubles spaced Here is the outline Outline: College Success Thesis Statement: Focusing on learning, time management and healthy diet are the most important keys to succeed in college Topic Sentence #1: The very first way to be successful in college is to stay focused on learning. · College life is very saturated .Classes, friends, activities – it’s always a lot of stuff going on at once , so you need to stay focus on study. · In “From Single Mother to Successful Student” Danielle Barbuto writes, “Even though you want to spend time with others , use that time wisely if you want to be successful”(3) · Barbuto states, “I realize how difficult staying focused is, but I also know how much it helps. So, if you have an hour or two during the day, use it to get tutorial help or go to the library where it is quieter environment for you to study and use the computers.(3)

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