Sociology 101: Development of Sociological Theory

Writing Assignment For this assignment, compare and contrast the positions of paired theorists with respect to the associated topic. The completion of this analytical assignment will not require any additional or outside sources. Each topic can be addressed based on information derived from the assigned readings and lecture slides. Please select one of the following topics:

(i) Marx and Nietzsche on ‘human nature,’

(ii) Marx and Weber on ‘ideas,’ or (iii) Marx and Durkheim on ‘social solidarity’. On the topic of ‘human nature,’ consider: How did Marx and Nietzsche’s conceptions of human nature influence their critiques of modern society? On the topic of ‘ideas,’ consider: What were Marx and Weber’s views on the historical significance of ideas as forces of social change? Or, on the topic of ‘social solidarity,’ consider: What were Marx and Durkheim’s thoughts on the sources of social solidarity in modern societies? Papers must conform to the following format specifications: ASA citation style (see ‘ASA Style Guide’ on SOC 101 CCLE Moodle website) Times 12-point font Double spaced Standard margins Numbered pages 5 pages in length (Title page not required)

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