Social Identity Exploration.

Consider social identity theory and discuss the multiple impacts (culture, ethnicity, race, language, social class, and special needs) on young children’s identity development. Discuss how this affects the work of an educator of young children. Cite a minimum of two sources and relate the readings to your experiences with children and your personal experience developing identity. Assignment should be 1000 to 1200 words. (The Week 4 lecture will be helpful for this assignment.) Week 4 Lecture Identity In the book Roots and Wings, author Stacey York defines identity as follows. “Identity: Sense of self that includes both an individual and group identity. Largely influenced by the environment and interaction with others. Strengthened by information (self-knowledge) and congruence with one’s culture (263).”

Racial Identity The authors of our text define racial identity in this way. “How one is classified by other people and by social institutions. In addition, it includes how one comes to understand and feel about one’s racial group membership.” We begin to develop our identities at birth. Racial identity is only part of how we see ourselves. Our text discusses the topic of children’s multiple social identities.

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