Selecting the Appropriate Hazardous Waste Treatment Technology

This project will give you an appreciation of the challenges of selecting a hazardous waste treatment technology. Decisions are dependent on having a set of criteria for evaluating and working through treatment options. The new manager of the hazardous waste facility is having difficulty choosing between using deep well injection or incineration to treat used oil containing PCBs. You are asked to put together a treatment recommendation and give your reasons for the choice that you put forward. You are required to list the decision criteria used in making your selection and to evaluate each technology against these criteria. You need to use tables when making your evaluations. Ensure you include your math and scientific calculations and processes for your evaluations. The analysis should include a comparison between your decision criteria and each technology. This analysis should lead to you making a defendable recommendation to senior management at the facility. Your project assignment needs to be a minimum of three pages, not counting your title and references pages. Use at least two outside sources, such as Environmental Protection Agency websites, besides your textbook. Please ensure that all outside sources, including your textbook, are cited and referenced using correct APA-style formatting.

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