Research paper on an aspect of evolving technology in the electrical

Write a 4 page research paper on an aspect of evolving technology in the electrical industry. At the time you enter the industry, and throughout your carrier, the role of green energy solutions, renewable energy, power distribution, lighting controls, LED and other efficient lighting methods, intuitive switch gears and countless other innovations in electricity will be ever more present. As these technologies are introduced they tend to take some amount of time to become market tested, widely enough accepted for the prices to reduce to a reasonably affordable level, and have enough contractors in the market place that are trained and capable of installation. The purpose of this research is for you to become more familiar with what the current market looks like as it applies to the electrical industry and where the market is headed in the coming years. There are a variety of topics that you can choose from, but keep in mind this research paper has to apply to the field of electricity in some capacity

Be sure to focus your research on a particular aspect of the technology you choose. The more specific you can target your research the easier it will be for you to compile this brief paper. As this is a research paper please use multiple sources (3 at a minimum). The more the better. Please remember that research is not just repeating what you read. You should deciphering the information in a way that makes a wealth of information available and easy to understand for your intended party. Form this research as if you are presenting to you fellow students. The need to define industry wide terminology is not required if it has been covered in this course. The need to define information specific to your particular technology may be required. Format: Font – 10 pt Calibi, Times New Roman, or Arial Spacing – Double Spaced Paragraphs – Introduction, Body, Conclusion

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