Remember: you will use the proposal you create for this

Remember: you will use the proposal you create for this project for the rest of the assignments in the course. 


Your supervisor has appointed you to lead a committee tasked with providing a research-based proposal for integrating emerging technologies into an educational need for your organization (K–12, higher education, corporate or military training). 

  • You will develop the plan in stages, which will culminate in a final project due in Week 10.
  • The proposal must be focused on education or training with an emphasis on new technologies.
  • You must include a sample outline of how these technologies will be applied in your institution.

You will select at least two emerging technologies and propose their integration. These technologies must support your learning goals and create an engaging environment for your learners.  Choose one or two from this list and use the Internet or Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library for additional options. 

  • Etale provides access to educational documentaries across a wide range of topics.
  • Edmodo is designed specifically for educational needs to keep materials, connections, and all members of the school community in touch (similar to Facebook and Twitter).
  • Twiddla allows K–12 students to set up a Web-based meeting playground, conference calls, and training sessions or lessons.
  • Evernote helps organize different kinds of media. With everything in one place, this tool is especially useful for sharing ideas for team teaching and collaboration across districts or locations.
  • Softchalk provides a cloud-based solution for collaboration and lesson planning, as well as a way to link content from multiple courses in a single location.
  • Blogger provides user-friendly tools to create blogs.
  • KidsBlog also provides user-friendly blogging tools.
  • SocialMention is a social media search engine that highlights content useful for many topics and kinds of instruction.
  • Padlet is a collaborative Web board for creating online class bulletin boards,  brainstorming, and making posters or other digital documents.
  • G Suites for Education includes Google Classrooms, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Cloud, and other Google tools where you can create and post assignments, collaborate with students, and communicate with parents.


  • Explain the purpose and rationale for your choice of proposed technologies in an introductory paragraph.
  • Explain at least three reasons why these particular tools are considered an emerging technology for your chosen educational or training setting using the current literature to support your rationale.
  • Outline 3–5 potential benefits of using these technologies in the classroom or workplace setting.
  • Discuss 3–5 instructional goals and how incorporating these technologies supports these goals.
  • State 3–5 course outcomes that your students should be able to achieve by the end of the course.
  • Summarize the main points of the proposal in a conclusion paragraph.
  • Provide at least five peer-reviewed references published in the last three years.

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