Relevant theoretical models and chapters in the core text: Rugman,


.The requirements for the assessment


You are required to submit a newsletter using the Microsoft Publisher newsletter format (convert and upload as a pdf) on the following subject:


As head of a Sectoral Association write a professional newsletter aimed at your members commenting on how upcoming changes related to Brexit might affect your industry.


You should refer to a variety of factors relevant to the EU/UK business environment and make appropriate suggestions to MNEs operating in this sector regarding their future strategies.


You can choose from either of the manufacturing, retailing, logistics, or IT sectors.


It is recommended that while you might want to use the “Linksdossiers” section on the website as a starting point it would also be advantageous to read some of the following as a general guide:


Preparing for Brexit: a to-do list for UK companies


Five key Brexit issues for UK companies


The 7 scariest challenges facing the British economy, according to analysts


Special instructions


You are expected to refer to relevant theoretical models and chapters in the core text: Rugman, Collinson and Narula (2017). In addition to the additional *essential* reading you are also expected to use online databases, newspapers (Financial Times and Economist), and the following websites: and


Referring to ‘business and economic factors’ – a key part of the assessment – clearly assumes that you have conducted a full PESTEL/Porter Diamond analyses and you are fully aware of what the relevant factors are.


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