Reflective Essay Instructions Using the many course outcomes discussed within each


Reflective Essay Instructions

Using the many course outcomes discussed within each module as well as the many resources and readings throughout this course, reflect on what you learned in this course and how this course has begun to foster your academic growth in multi-engine knowledge and what key concepts will you take as you pursue a career in aviation. Discuss the aircraft you are flying or plan to fly during multi-engine flight courses and where you are in your flight training. Describe how you applied the module learning outcomes in your training thus far. Articulate your plans for continued academic growth as you progress as a multi-engine pilot through coursework and then transition into the professional pilot you desire to be. Reflect on what support services you have to utilize in your journey and how you will continue to use those services as you pursue a career in aviation. Conclude your reflection by explaining what career goals and timeline you have set for yourself. In addition, articulating how you will be a biblical steward in the profession through the skills, knowledge, and opportunities associated with the attainment of an aviation degree.

The reflection must be 500–750 words, align with current APA formatting, and include a minimum of 3 sources (e.g., theory, research, scripture, etc.). This paper must include a Title and Reference page. The content within these two pages should not be included within the word count.

Your Reflective Essay is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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