Quantitative Literature Review

Answer all the questions listed below. Short responses are encouraged, keep it condense to one page as much as possible. Is the title clear and does it include the population? Was an abstract included and did it describe the main parts of the study? Did the introduction include: a. the problem b. the purpose or aim of the study c. Literature review-was it within 5 years of the publication date? d. Did they use a theoretical framework-what was it? e. Variables/concepts- What are they and are they clearly identified and defined f. What is the stated research question /hypothesis? Did the researcher discuss how they protected the rights of the subjects? Does the method section include : a. Design-what type was used b. Who was the target population identified? c. Sampling criteria used d. Setting e. Measurement tools used. Was there a rationale given for its use? f. What was is data collection process used? Results: a. Are the findings linked to the analysis and are they clear to understand? b. Are there graphs, tables, figures? Are all the statistical findings clearly discussed? c. Is there statistical results for reliability and validity (e.g. Power analysis)1 Conclusion: a. Significance to nursing b. Future recommendations? Is it generalizable to the population?

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