Project and Programme Management

This assignment is going to be base on Project and Programme Management and Prince 2017 Templates should help you with this report which will need to be Downloaded for the assignment as it is stated on the assignment brief which I will upload later, please I will need someone who has use prince 2 template before as project Initiation Documents, critical path needs to be included in the assignment, measure success in terms of time, cost duration of the project, Gant chart should be included in the assignment, Blueprint, Risk analysis potential assessment which can be done on excel, also need to use Visio to create flowchart. with the assignment marking ladder I want to be on 70-79mark range 4 criteria and 4 evidence which all need to be followed and using the table of contents would be useful, perhaps going above 70-79 will be Great. 

PPM Assignment marking ladder, assignment brief of PPM. as it stated in the PPM assignment that we need to use prince 2 template, so you will need to go to and download PRINCE 2 Templated. it needs to be a UK English type of English, and the important pieces of information which I will be uploading all need to be look at by the writer to have a better understanding of the work.

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