Review the general guidelines and grading criteria for written assignments. After reviewing the readings on health care systems in other developed countries, develop a position paper on what key reforms should be adopted in the U.S. healthcare system.

Refer to the Exhibits listed in Rice and Unruh, Chapter 10, “Healthcare Expenditures and Trends.” Other suggested references include T.R. Reid’s, “The Healing of America” and the Commonwealth Fund that produces comparative reports on health system costs and performance among developed countries. Your report should describe which country or countries appear to have the most successful health systems. Using the dimensions of access, costs, and quality, what countries seem to perform particularly well in most dimensions? Discuss the reforms in terms of their economic and social impact. Finally, describe what elements or attributes of other healthcare systems that you would recommend for adoption in the U.S. healthcare system including the issues and concerns that may influence reforming our current system. double-spaced, including references.


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