Please respond directly to the below classmate discussion post, minimum

  Please respond directly to the below classmate discussion post, minimum of 100 words 

Herbert Packer’s The Crime Control Model focuses on the “ends” of the justice system being the convictions of the accused and high term sentencing.  The model goes into detail how efficiency is the top priority to convict high numbers of criminals and puts emphasis on speed and finality.  The Crime Control Model additionally states there is a presumption of guilt that makes it possible for the justice system to deal with the large number of felons.

The Crime Control Model could lead to dishonesty in the criminal justice system.  If police officers are so focused on this model, corruption could occur in order to achieve the maximum number of arrests and convictions.  The consequences for dishonesty in the criminal justice system vary based on every individual situation.  If police officers are caught lying under oath, they could be charged with perjury and their credibility will forever be tainted.  This could also lead to being placed on the Brady List. This is a public list that documents police officers who have been disciplined for misconduct.  In more severe scenarios, if police officers are caught falsifying evidence and confessions or violating constitutional rights for the means to justify the ends, they could be subject to prison time.      


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