Please refer to Starbucks and Facebook financial statements for this


Please refer to Starbucks and Facebook financial statements for this final project milestone. Identify 5 different elements of each statement (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement) and compare and contrast your findings. For example:  The Balance Sheet: Cash balance. List the amounts for the most recent year ended for both Starbucks and Facebook, and then include what drives their cash.  Obviously different industries and so, what drives their cash?

This milestone will contribute to the Final Project in Module 7. Use the following financial statements to inform your findings:

  • Balance sheet:  Assets,  Liabilities & Owner’s Equity
  • Income statement: Revenue & Expenses
  • Equity statement:  Owner’s Equity (listed again for presentation purposes)
  • Cash flow – Operating, Investing and Financing Activities

Company Information 

Use Starbucks’ Annual Reports (Links to an external site.).  Here is the link to the SB2017 PDF – 10-K Annual Report (Links to an external site.).  

Use Facebook’s Annual Reports (Links to an external site.). Here is the link to the 2017 PDF – 10-K Annual Report (Links to an external site.)

The 8-K’s are the Quarterly’s and the students should not use those.

Please limit this assignment to three pages of content, excluding the Cover and References pages.

REMINDER:  Please review the steps for proper formatting of APA citations.  Include citations in text (in the written paragraphs) as well as full citations in the references section.  Copying word for word with no quotations, or paraphrasing without reference is considered plagiarism.  Plagiarized work will result in a zero for the assignment, and potential failure of the class or expulsion from the program in accordance with Rivier’s Academic Integrity Policies.  Please see this course’s pre-module for a reminder of the course expectations in this area.  It is highly recommended that you review your Turn It In reports.

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