PART II 1. Fill in the Cognitive Language SocialEmotional Development sections on the Connecting Information Gathered From Families To Developmental

Fill in the Cognitive, Language, Social/Emotional Development sections on the Connecting Information Gathered From Families To Developmental Domains sheet (pg. 20) by writing in any information from the parent interview that pertains to the child’s cognitive development. Then put an X in the circle in front of the domain goal represented at the bottom for the statements you have written for the Cognitive, Language, and Social/Emotional Development goal.
Write at least one I Wonder statement (pg. 19) for each:
The child’s environment and
The child’s culture
b. Summarize your information gathered from the family (interview), your observation of the child’s progress, and your knowledge of child development; summarize your findings of the child’s development in each of the three domains that you focused on during your observation. This summary should make the connections between all of the gathered information and the information provided in North Carolina Foundations. What information have you learned about the child’s development in each domain? Be sure to use vocabulary and terms from each of the chapters identified in the project directions above.
Connecting Information Gathered from Families to Developmental Domains sheet completed.
I Wonder Statements, and
Summary typed, double-spaced
Artifacts. Collect direct quotes from the child and artifacts (as agreed upon with the family) to provide evidence of the child’s development in the domains that are being focused on for this project (see Part c of the Project Instructional sheet).
I am attaching the documents that were submitted for Part I of the project to assist you with the completion of Part II. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.

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