(SOLVED) What are the abnormal finding in Ms Mavis?,

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1. What are the abnormal finding in Ms Mavis? 2. Discuss yours analyze for each one? 3. What are the normal finding for each one?

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1) From the datas given, we find the abnormal findings as follows,

- Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea) - Raised Body Temperature Peak Flow - Tracheal Deviation, Asymmetrical chest shape - Decreased Bilateral chest expansion - clubbing of Finger Nails - Stains in Nails indicative of smokes -- pale face, Nail beds, Palmar creases Right Lowes Quadrant Abdomen Tenderness No Guarding, No Rigidity. * History of chest infection, breathlessness, chest tightening complaints for past five years but treatment. * Family History reveals - Mavis father died of Emphysema and lung cancer lours ago


Analysis :- from the findings, we can conclude diagnosis may be chronic obstructive Lung Disease (COPD). It is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obtruction to lung airflow. It is manifested by Difficulty breathing cough, mucus production , It is due to chronic smoking or long-term exposure to irritants :


Normal Findings! - Peak Flow on Peak Expiratory flow amount air flow during forced expiration from maximal lung inflation Normal -) 400 to 800 L/min lie, Moolerate 80%. PEF < so % PEF Normal healthy client who anti-allosee and teetotaley will not have Breathing diffeculty while walking, climbing steps, will have Symmetrical bilateral chest expiration PEF >80%. severe