Paper assessing as case for a person in the military with symptoms of

Students will write a 7-10 page paper assessing as case for a person in the military with symptoms of PTSD that will be given to you a week before it is due. You will assess the case and providing a treatment plan that will be chosen by the instructor. 

You will be expected to indicate who you would include in treatment and why, explain the intervention, the theory behind it, different components of the treatment, and how it is delivered in this case. Make sure you include detail to show that you clearly understand the treatment to me (assume I don’t know anything about it) and how to apply it. Make sure you write about the early, middle, and later parts of treatment and how they differ from each other. How will you evaluate whether the treatment was successful? The assignment will be graded according to the rubric on page 18 of the syllabus. The last page will be a Process Recording that will demonstrate how you as a clinical social worker will intervene with the client.

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