NS622 Leadership and Collaborative Inter-professional Practice

This is a 3000-words essay based assignment.

The assignment requires you to:

 To give your assignment a title and to weave elements of the case study into the essay (Please remember that it’s not a reflective essay).

 You are expected to provide general information about leadership and management to include nursing, in addition identify relevant leadership and management theories and/or models. But, most importantly discuss the styles that are applicable to your case study and why / why not they were/are appropriate in the context. You are required to support your discussions with current policies, literature, and practice experience which is related to your formative case study.

 You are required to identify collaboration, MDT and interprofessional working; and discuss the impact of these to your formative case study and to patient-centred care.

 Discuss relational leadership and its effectiveness to create positive and/or negative relationships- e.g. inclusiveness, empowerment and how this links to theory, patient-centred care and your case study.

 You are required to demonstrate self-awareness- within the essay. Apply your discussions to ‘self’- as a qualified nurse, what do your findings/conclusions mean for your future practice.

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