Neurobiology, Stress and Trauma Research Presentation

This assignment is designed to assess your ability to meet the following course objectives: Critically analyze the interplay between biophysical, psychological, social, economic, spiritual and cultural forces in human development; the risks and resilience of each stage of life; major theories of human development. Practice the strengths perspective in addressing human behavior and social problems. In this assignment, you will identify a life stressor or traumatic incident that may occur during a specific age or developmental stage of childhood (e.g., loss of a parent during infancy; severe neglect during ages 2-3; exposure to domestic violence at age 6; sexual assault during adolescence). You will examine the potential impact and patterns of risk and resilience associated with this stressor or traumatic event, including the following: What are the related risk/protective factors? What are the possible associated symptoms: physical, psychological, neurobiological, emotional, social? How might this stressor or trauma affect the child’s family life, peer engagement, learning/academic performance? Given our understanding of brain development at this stage of development, how might neurobiological functioning be affected? (This section should comprise the primary focus of your presentation). Explore and identify patterns of risk and resilience. How might a social worker promote resilience when working with the child, as well as parents, family, school, community?

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