Negro Spirituals

A Look at Negro Spirituals: Comparisons of traditional and modernized versions portrayed by Opera singers Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details A version used often by the religious ensembles? Justify the choice of these selections? Find popular versions? State the difference between popular version and Lawrence versions? Analyse the difference; why change popular so much? Bel Canto singer This repertioire allows us to conserve the voice of the singer, and why?(CONCLUSION) What is the benificial dimension of this type of repertoire Find another classical singer who does negro spirituals and make comparisons (choice of iterpretation to show all the possibility we have) Choose TWO pieces to analyse in detail Choose a popular version and work from there Explain that he shows his top notes in the spirituals as his expetections fronm the public audience Show the things they can do with Spirituals that we’re not allowed to do with Classical music The possiblity we have with theis repertioire Introdutction: Watch and read the articles on Lawrence Brownlee and why he did this album of spirituals?

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