) Name 2) Hometown and/or State(Tennessee) 3) Profession (Labcorp) 4)

) Name

2) Hometown and/or State(Tennessee)

3) Profession (Labcorp)

4) Life outside of CSU (family, hobbies, etc) 

5) One unique fact about yourself


1) My name is Megan 

2) I live in Oakland, California

3) My occupation is a Safety & Occupational Health Specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

4) My hobbies include my cats, reading, playing trombone in a community orchestra and volunteering at an animal shelter

5) One unique fact about me is that in college, I majored in chemistry, minored in French, worked at an elementary school and had a music scholarship.

I have to deal with engineering issues at the research lab where I work (fume hoods & room exhaust ventilation, etc,), so I think this class will be very helpful since I was a bench chemist before I went into the safety/environmental field, so I don’t have as much knowledge or experience with the engineering side of things.

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