must be on ! Joint Commission on a specific law

 must be on !  Joint Commission on a specific law or regulatory agency and will be required to present how that law/agency has an impact on the ethical perspective of the practice of PTA. You will be expected to prepare an oral presentation with visuals and a fact sheet for the class. The presentation is expected to be 15 minutes in length including time for class participation via questions, discussions etc. You will be expected to facilitate questions/answers and/or discussion time). Each group will need to include at least ONE visual aid (i.e.: power point presentation, poster presentation, etc.), a one-page fact sheet with sources cited/identified (a summary or highlights of your topic/presentation) for your fellow classmates. 

You will be graded on content, presentation, presentation materials, efficiency, group collaboration and effective use of time, as well as their ability to engage class participation. See rubric for grading details. 

must be on ! Joint Commission

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