Modelling analysis for isotherm model- adsorption

The best model to describe the data was sips isotherm ( by using single batch adsorber) now we need to optimise the result for modelling by using two stage please see the comment and try to describe the behaviour and analyse and compare the finding for one stage and two stage adsorption ( by figure provided and table) 1- read carfully paper 1 to now more about the study and purpose. 2- read paper 2 for comparsion and analysing the findings 3- extend conclusion by adding some significant finding with example or numbers ( max half page) 4- modifey the abstract ( max 3 or 4 line ) answer the questions which are 2- Why freundlich is less above 95%? Is it because that outlier and show a bad relationship in one stage batch absorber? 3- We state that sips is the best isotherm model. Is anything can prove it here in these graph see stage 2 . However note the best model is determined by the one that is the best fit to the isotherm data (i.e. SIPS). Therefore, in the last section once you have discussed the differences, rather than state either Langmuir or Freundlich is better, discuss how their use would lead to either an over estimate of the required adsorbent and better removal than required (Freundlich) in comparison to the real case (best isotherm fit) of the SIPS, or an under-removal from the target (Langmuir) vs the real case with SIPS. answer the comment majority of other 2 paper just for comparison, analysing and significant finding. important: no descriptions are needed like the relation, increase or decrease just critical thinking.

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