Mini-Research Project of an Organic Molecule in Your House

 1. choose a valid organic molecule 2. contain a product figure – A picture of the product used was included with the name of the compound clearly visible. 3. have an chemical structure. 4. Was there a clear description of what product your molecule came from and why you chose it? Should be 2-3 sentence long 5. How Do You Know It’s Organic? Was there a clear description of how you were able to recognize your molecule as an organic molecule? Should be 2-3 sentence long. 6. contain the IUPAC name of the molecule 7.Description of Uses – Are there other common uses for this chemical? Other products that use it? 8.Are there other interesting things you learned about the chemical? 9.Summarize your research and wrap up the paper with nice concluding sentence 10 Citations for your figures or any other information. Did you go beyond Wikipedia?

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