Medicine & Society-Applying Class Concepts to Analyze Medicine in Action.

Write  5-7 Page Paper Assignment: (1.5 spacing) This assignment asks you to explain and use concepts from 6 different class articles, books, lecture notes, or films to analyze the medicine and society phenomenon described in the article attached to this email and posted at: Of the six different sources, only two can be from lectures. The remaining four sources must come from class readings or films. Make sure that you take the time to thoroughly explain each concept using your own words and direct quotes to back up your explanation. You can pick concepts that help explain what is going on in the article. You can also use the situation explained in the article to challenge a class concept. Strive for clear, precise writing. Read sentences out loud to yourself to make sure your writing is clear and organized. Papers are to be 5-7 pages typed and 1.5 line spaced. You can use a font of your choice. Cite references by putting author’s last name and page number in parenthesis at the end of a direct quote or indirect reference. A citation, for example, should look like this (Metzl, 54). Films can be referenced by film name.

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