Management (From 2019) to The world of industry in 2021…


Management (From 2019) to The world of industry in 2021…

One of the great things about MBA classes in the knowledge that is already in each class. Each students bring a unique set of experiences and understanding. Often you can learn as much from each other as you can from the instructor. You can also talk about what does or does not work and bring up practical applications or adaptations of the things that we discuss in the course. This is somewhat more difficult in an online environment. In order try to replicate some of this discussion learning, we will be using discuss boards for the course. Each week I will post an assignment or prompt, and you are expected to ask a thoughtful question or post a thoughtful response each week. Then you need to respond to a few of your classmates posts, and also reply to any who respond to yours during the second half of the week. I believe that this is a where you can be really engaged in the course and learn from each other.

LINK 1:General Motors: Supply Chain Risk Management   (Links to an external site.)General Motors: Supply Chain Risk Management

LINK 2: The Industrial world after Covid (Links to an external site.)

Instructions –  Provide your discussion comments related to the following (You do not need to answer or comment on all of these, you can pick 1 or 2 for your discussion):

  • Please watch both videos, they are each about 20 mins long, skip over the ads.
  • Discuss the thinking of GM in 2019
  • Discuss Toyota as of today
  • How will thinking change in the future?
  • If you are a project manager today, how you address gloval supply chain issues specific to your project?

Please post your initial response by 23:59 EST on Friday 8/13/2020, and comment on the posts of two classmates by 23:59 EST on Monday 8/16.

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