Interview of Fashion Incubator in San Francisco

 FISF website: Please provide a minimum 300 word response to each of the following eight questions; you must specify which incubator/technical assistance provider you are referencing in your response. Your final response should not exceed two pages and should be appropriately proof-read, etc. 1. Indicate the name, location, contact information and key operational staff associated with your incubator/technical assistance provider. Identify an aspect of your visited incubator/technical assistance provider that distinguishes it from comparable San Francisco business incubators/technical assistance providers. 2. Using the internet or other resources, define “business incubation” and explain its relevancy to the business focus of your team’s plan. How many US business incubators are there that might be able to support your type of business? 3. What are at least three different types of business incubators/accelerators in San Francisco? Name at least one way that each kind of business incubator/accelerator supports businesses in its industry. 4. How many business incubators exist in the city/state/US that might be appropriate to support the business that is the subject of your business plan? What are at least two specific things that an incubator would need to do in order to help your business be successful? 5. From your research, list five reasons why you would or not use business incubation during the next three years of your business’s operation? Develop a short checklist that a business owner could use to determine if incubation is right for a business. 6. Even if you decide not to use the physical services of an incubator, what are at least three incubator resources from an industry, competition, and market perspective that you would use as a part of your team’s business plan strategy? 7. How do business incubators differ from resource parks? From small business development centers (SBDC’s)? From co-working spaces? From the SBA or SCORE? What are accelerators? 8. How does the business incubator/technical assistance provider you visited help start-up businesses get funding? Could the financing services provided by your visited organization be useful to your business? Why or why not?

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