International Marketing – Rolling out the marketing Plan.



The owners of the organisation chosen in Assignment One, were very impressed with the report you wrote for them and they would now like you to give a presentation to them and the general management team on how the marketing plan can be adapted or standardised across international markets and how to organise and evaluate marketing efforts.

You will conduct a presentation which should contain the following:


  1. An introduction to the organisation and their current market.
  2. Explain the difference between global and local marketing, using examples where appropriate.
  3. Present an overview of the key arguments in the global v local debate.
  4. How does the product, pricing, promotional and distribution approach differ when using a variety of international markets?
  5. Explain and analyse in detail the various international marketing approaches the company can adopt. Use examples from other organisations to further enhance your answer.
  6. Compare home and international orientation and ways to assess competitors, outlying the    implications of each approach.
  7. Conclusions and recommendations for the company.

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