Instructions for Elevator Pitch (excerpt from the YouthBridge Competition Skandalaris

 Instructions for Elevator Pitch

(excerpt from the YouthBridge Competition Skandalaris Center 2011)

Introduction – Your name and the “Brand Name” of your social enterprise

1. The problem or unmet need is stated accurately.

USE DATA TO SUBSTANTIATE (SUPPORT) YOUR CLAIM – A simple Google search or perhaps found in your peer-reviewed reference annotations.

2. The solution or idea is stated persuasively.

Hint: Answer what, when, where, and how

3. Organizational Capacity: Plans to collaborate with other organizations to address the need.  Must name a minimum of 1 local and 1 regional/national organization that demonstrates a potential to assist you in your efforts.

4. The social value clearly stated:  

How your enterprise addresses a specific article of the UN Declaration of Human Rights 

5. How will you measure success? (example: number of homeless housed, number of households with affordable electricity, etc.)

6. Plan for sustaining the venture that includes earned revenue You can not rely exclusively on volunteers, donations, and fundraising.  This is where you must get creative.

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