Instructions: Create a thesis statement that includes the refined topic


  • Create a thesis statement that includes the refined topic + argument/assertion + 3-point map.
  • Critique the thesis statements of your peers. 
    • Do you see three clear parts?
    • Do you see the three points?
    • Are any of the points too similar (each point should be a separate idea)?
    • Do you have questions about the topic?
    • Did you find any research on the topic (this will benefit your classmate and be good research practice for you :))?

Peer’s post below.

This week we learned how to construct a compelling thesis statement from the ground up. There are several things to observe about the thesis: it is never a question, it is always a single statement, and it appears in the very first paragraph. For this topic, I have decided to cover music.

Topic: Music

Refined topic: No new music can be further created.

Thesis statement: New music is no more, due to two lawyers who devised an algorithm to write every possible musical song.

Topic sentences with transition words:

  • (Body Paragraph 1) Starting off, two lawyers created an algorithm to write every imaginable musical tune, and as a result, new music is no longer being created.
  • (Body Paragraph 2) In addition, a musician might be held responsible for “subconscious infringement,” even if he or she claims to have never encountered the song they’ve been convicted of duplicating.
  • (Body Paragraph 3) Lastly, these two attorneys have effectively put a stop to new music as well as potential copyright regulations.

Taub, B. (2021, January 15). An algorithm has created every possible musical melody so no one can ever Sue for copyright infringement. IFLScience. Retrieved March 24, 2022, from

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