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Your assignment is to contact 2 professionals and conduct 2 informational interviews in person or by telephone conference. An informational interview IS an interview with a professional to find out about their job and/or career path. An informational interview IS NOT having a random conversation with a stranger at a gas station, retail store, grocery store, etc. After the completion of the informational interview, gather the information learned and write about your findings. Your paper should not be in a question and answer format, listing everything the professional said verbatim. This assignment should be a college-level REFLECTIVE ESSAY. I want to know that you asked meaningful questions and you reflected on their answers (your thoughts/how it plays a role in your path/next steps, etc.). First read the directions below, then click on the hyperlink below and fully read the document. You must use/tailor at least 4 questions from page 4 ‘The Positions/Career Path’ section, and 4 questions from ‘The Company/Industry’ section. But of course, use/tailor as many questions as you think you may need. It’s always good to have more questions prepared in case the professional answers them very quickly or briefly. Follow-up questions are great to keep the conversation flowing. Remember, this is your first impression on the employer…if you make a good connection with them, they may be a great contact in your network for future positions or referrals, so remember to be professional and treat the informational interview as if you were on an actual job interview! Write down the questions you decide to ask and bring them with you when you conduct your informational interview. It is up to you to creatively and properly flow the questions and answers into the paper. There are no strict guidelines you have to follow, but the directions/rubric are the main items you must remember to include. It is up to you to effectively analyze and communicate what you’ve learned.

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