HOWIE’S CAFÉ CAPER CASE INSTRUCTIONS 1.​Read the case carefully. 2.


1.​Read the case carefully.

2. ​Answer the question.  Make sure to answer the subparts of each question.

3.​Use the handout Tables 1 and 2 to assist you with your answers.

4.​The course materials will provide guidance regarding the net worth analysis required in part 2.  Also use the tables.The purpose of this question is to explain how the fraud occurred. The “elements of fraud plus inquiry” model of fraud investigation as indicated in Table 2 (Appendix), provides one way to describe how a fraud occurs: theft, concealment and conversion.

  1. Categorize each of the 14 “Findings of Fact” as “theft”, “concealment” or “conversion”. If a finding fits into more than one category, so indicate. If a finding does not fit into any category, indicate “NA”. You may also include any of the Background Facts that help you detect where and when the fraud occurred. For any Background Fact that you include, categorize it as theft, concealment and/or conversion.
  2. For the benefit of the readers of your report and a potential jury, briefly summarize how each Finding of Fact helps prove the particular category or categories (theft/concealment/conversion) you assigned for that paragraph.

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