Hobbes and Locke- State of Nature

The State of Nature. How do the conceptions of the state of nature developed by Hobbes, Locke differ? In what ways does the state of nature departs from Hobbes’s and Locke’s? What are the assumptions about human nature on which each of these theories rely? According to you, which author presents the most persuasive, valid or convincing view? Justify your answer with arguments about the respective merits and limits of the authors’ conceptions of the state of nature – Paper must be an argument on Hobbes and Locke on the state of nature. – Choose one to argue for/against -must have 3 valid points to further justify your thesis and argumentative statement(s) – must use direct quotations from the book -must cite in footnotes for any idea from the books that isn’t yours. – no plagiarism – any idea from the book that is not yours, please cite.

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