High Gothic Cathedrals in France.

 For this first writing assignment, you will research the last of the great High Gothic cathedrals in France, specifically the Cathedral of Amiens. There are several websites available (in English, although you might want to look at some of the French ones for graphics as well) with excellent graphics for you to examine, not to mention that you can certainly use other sources as well (libraries do still exist!). Items that you should cover (as much as possible within the page limits) include: History of the building (when, why, who, etc.) Specific technical details such as size, materials, etc. What makes it Gothic (shape, support system, arches, etc.?) Iconography if possible (specifics on any sculpture, stained glass, etc.) A lot of the focus here is to be sure that you have the basic ideas of Gothic in mind and can identify them in buildings different from the ones we have discussed. In other words, summarize the Gothic style by applying it to this cathedral. Length: 2-3 pages set up as per the general instructions

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