Hamby, A.L., Neely, M.S. & Clack, G. (2009). Outline of

Hamby, A.L., Neely, M.S. & Clack, G. (2009). Outline of U.S. history. New York: Nova Science Publishers. 

  • Chapter 8: Growth and Transformation, pp. 125-130
    • Read the following sections: Ambivalent Empire: The Canals & the Americas, United States and Asia
  • Chapter 10: War, Prosperity, and Depression, pp. 141-144
    • Read the following sections: War and Neutral Rights, United States Enters World War I, The League of Nations, Postwar Unrest

Articles, Websites, and Videos:Read the following:WILLIAM McKINLEY:War Message, 1898. (2020). Mtholyoke.Edu.

Milestones: 1899–1913 – Office of the Historian. (2020). State.Gov.

The Zimmermann Telegram. (2016, August 15). National Archives.

Our Documents – Joint Address to Congress Leading to a Declaration of War Against Germany (1917). (2020).

Our Documents – President Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points (1918). (2020).

Also see:The following video is the story of how the United States entered World War I. Click on the link below. History.com Editors. (2019). World War I. History Channel.This video is a quick glimpse at what it took to build the Panama Canal and why its economic and political importance.

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